Hello Akira Bike Project fans!

I am sorry for the slow progress of this project over the past year or two. Last year I was laid off and that combined with the housing crash and recession has caused me to lose my house and my workshop. I retreated, regrouped, and am currently moving forward into a new larger workshop that costs less.

During the down time I have taken the opportunity to refine my design and am pleased to present below the current 3D model of the Production Prototype.

I also updated the website and added a forum, so please visit.

During all this, and as part of my Akira Bike Project design, I invented a fundamentally new type of high torque flexible drive shaft which can handle all the power a high torque high horse power engine can put out in a small diameter lightweight efficient inexpensive AND flexible system. Recently a local state University has decided to sponsor the intellectual property legal fees of this project and their College of Engineering is seriously interested in being involved in the development, testing, and refinement of this flexible drive shaft. Great News! More about this coming soon.

I have also authored an extensive business plan outlining the production of these bikes and am currently looking for investors and customers. The global recession has made the investment market the worst it has been in decades so I do not expect this to be a quick or easy task but a vehicle like this has tremendous potential.

Akira Bike - Executive Summary

This and things like it I can not yet elaborate on are also part of the reason this project is taking time, this is not just a bike slapped together from off-the shelf components, it has a few truly unique and truly innovative features.

The other part of is the serious lack of funds available. To date I have put almost $50,000 into this project in tools and equipment and thousands of hours. But I think 2011 will be a big year for this project and I’m hoping to see significant movement. So don’t be shy! Help out! My new workshop will be almost 3,000 square feet and my current income will cover the rent but not much else, so I can use some financial support to get parts and material. I’ve updated the contribute page with additional options including monthly re-curring contributions.

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...and as I mentioned, I am looking for investors and customers!

Production Prototype

This is a highly detailed and accurate 3D model of the current production design, some changes will come about as a result of further testing of the prototypes but this represents very closely what the finished product will look like.