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Financial Contribution

If you contribute financially to the project I will eventually be distrubuting proprietary information relating to it and will be sending some to you in accordance with your contribution. These objects will be decided in the future, but will include things like portfolio on the design including glossy photos, mention on the Donor Honor Roll here, or even a personal visit and/or ride with the completed bike. These will roughly follow what the Kickstarter contribution rewards were.


Make a donation through Dwolla

Dwolla is a cheaper, cleaner and simpler competitor to Pay Pal. Dwolla also supports recurring payments, you just have to manually select them, they don't offer buttons for them yet. Dwolla charges less per transaction and so gets more of the money you contribute to the bike project. Pay Pal also holds your money for 30 days.
Re-curring payments of $10, $20, $50 / month will be the most helpful to the project. See how to set them up on Dwolla here


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Make a re-curring donation through PayPal

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Material Contribution

Contribute materials to the project, click here to see what is currently needed (continually updated)

Technical Assistance

Offer your expertise in related areas or your ability to complete certain aspects (such as machining a part or editing a video)

Donor Honor Roll (since 2001)

Corwin Oakman - $1,000
Douglas Dickey - $1,000
Warren Saguiped - $1,000
Johnny Armaos - $1,000
Mark Comeau - $700
Jim Villano - Forward Controls
Jake Cohen - $500
David Collier (1980 Honda CX500 Donation)
- Rest in peace my friend, thanks for your help, friendship, and inspiration

Contribute to our new Kickstarter Account!! (ended - unsuccessful)

Kickstarter is a new way to fund and support creative projects around the globe. You pledge money in exchange for rewards and to see the project succeed, but none of your money is withdrawn unless the project reaches it's target amount, so you can be sure your pledge goes to the success of the proejct! Please check out the Kickstarter page and pledge and share to your web site, your favorite forums, your Facebook / Google+ pages, your twitter account, etc. Email your friends! You can pledge as little as $5 USD and as much as $10,000 USD. If you ever want to see a real functional Akira inspired motorcycle on the road, contribute! If you want to see safer, and faster, recumbent motorcycles finally earn a market share, contribute!

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