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Akira Bike Project Media News
News from the web related to my Akira Bike Project, Motorcycles, or Akira in general

Akira Live Action Movie

The internet has been buzzing off an on again with rumors of a live action Akira movie. Most of the rumors report that it will be a two part movie and will be based in Manhattan instead of a Neo Tokyo and feature a western cast.

Report: Menace II Society Directors Dividing Up For Akira Movie? (link) Apr-2010

Hughes Brothers will split up, one will work on Akira while the other works on another project.

Hughes Bros To Direct Live Action Akira Movie? (link) Feb-2010

Hughes Brothers (Book of Eli, From Hell) directing, two part movie, script Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Iron Man, Children of Men) Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's company Appian Way with Andrew Lazar

Akira Live Action Movie Project is Alive and Well (link) Jul-2009

Andrew Lazar - "We are working on the script. It is a real priority for Warner Bros" "...need(s) an enormous amount of prep. It is not realistic to go before the third quarter of 2011 release" His comments also suggest that Director is not finalized.

Akira Movie Dead? (link) Jun-2009

Director Ruairi Robinson parted ways with the project

Iron Man Screenwriters Working on Akira Movie (link) Sep-2008

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby to write

Warner Bros Planning two Akira movies (link) Feb-2008

Described as Blade Runner meets City of God. Studio closed a seven-figure rights acquisition deal with Kodansha. Ruairi Robinson to direct script written by Gary Whitta. Andrew Lazar's Mad Chance will produce with Appian Ways Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson.

Matus1976's Akira Bike Project and Kanye West's Video- "Stronger"

Back in April of 2007 I recieved an email from someone currently working on a video for Kanye West. They were in search of an Akira replicae to use in the video, and as they noted, information is scarce but research brought them to my web site. He asked to talk with my on the phone about my project or where any Akira replicas could be located. I helped them as best they could, but as my project was not completed and all the replicas I knew of were in Japan, I was of little help.

A few months later I found a report that Hollywood builder Eddie Paul had built an Akira Bike for Kanye West. When the video came out, it was pretty clear it was made in homage to Akira, but an Akira Bike was no where to be found. Paul never posted a picture of his completed bike, though recently I found it up for auction from a Hollywood site that sells props, it looked like a decent enough build in the small grainy picture I found of it.

Kanye West's video Stronger



Other Akira Bike Projects

Neo-Fukuoka / BSU

BSU / Neo-Fukuoka's "Akira Bike" is reported to be the 'official' production bike and though it is reported to be for sale I can find no instances of prices or purchases. This is definately one of the best translations of the bike from Akira yet. Neo-Fukuoka's bike has two steering columns linked with a tie rod bar and a trellised frame with a series of chains running from a smallish single cylinder engine (my guess 500cc - 650cc) under the rider and up to the pivot point of the rear single sided swingarm.


The Stingray is as obviously inspired by the Akira Bike but seems to be more of a scooter than a motorcycle from its general proportions. Looks like it has a dual swingarm setup in the rear and an interesting hub centered steering in the front.
Red Mole
Another excellently execuyted build is the Red Mole, obviously built from a scooter drive train and components its a little small but the body work is superb and the styling is pretty decent as well. Stays much closer to the Akira Bike design than the Stingray model does.
Saitaniya Factory
This is obviously not a build intended for production, and is another of the "Form over Function" builds. Saitaniya Factory's build looks like a spitting image of the cel shaded bike from the anime movie, but the styling, fake scratches, and airbrushing are a little over kill for my tastes. The fake tires hiding real but smaller tires inside them are...interesting.
Duca Craftwork
Duca Craftwork's Akira Bike is another of the form of function builds - expertly crafted but focused on looks and style over functionality. Again we see a fake tire surrounding a smaller real inner tire. It also seems to be built on a scooter platform, but the body work is exceptional and it seems to have the best finish of any models I've seen yet.
The earliest and one of the best Akira Bike builds is the Whitehouse build, which looks to have been produced for one of the re-releases of the Akira anime. Its a great looking bike but with a 250cc engine I don't think it's performance specs will be enviable.

See - "Kaneda's Motorcycle Concept" for the best collections of images of these other Akira Bike inspired builds.


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