- Update 09/10/03 -

Steering column housing

The first pieces for the bike cut with the Oxy torch. These rectangular pieces will be the ends of the steering column housing.

The second group of pieces, these will make up the gussets holding the steering column housing brackets on one end.

The four pieces split and waiting for grinding.

The four pieces cut and ground, and the backbone of the Steering Column Housing, now waiting for tack welding.

The other end of the housing, these pieces will also be mounted to the virtual pivot point bars.

The end pieces are both drilled, this hole is where the steering column will pass through.

Both ends tack welded on.

The first side angles tack welded.

The whole assembly, small rings were added on either side of the plates to hold the tapered roller bearing cups. The front end plates are drilled and mounted, and the steering column has been inserted.

Here the steering column housing and steering column are mounted temporarily to the virtual pivot point bars. Next up is the front fork.

Typically, a steering column housing is about 4 or 5 inches long, and completely enclosed. Mine is 18" long, and open on either end. Primarily because of design constraints it is much longer then typically, and it is left open because this is a prototype.

Keep checking back for updates.


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