Welcome to Matus1976's Akira Bike Project - Building a fully functional high performance recumbent motorcycle inspired by Kaneda's ride in "Akira"

To My Akira Bike Project followers:

Thank you for your patience and dedication, as you know this project has been a long one. But doing justice to this design requires a completely integrated build from the ground up, not a quick frame cut and weld, not cutting two bikes in half and welding them together, nor slapping on a fake wheel covering and a few stickers - I feel these are a disservice to Otomo's vision and the potential of the recumbent geometry. Layoffs and cross country moves have hijacked progress, and the expense and extent of the project has impeded it. I am not independently wealthy but I remain dedicated to the project and do not shy away from ambitious goals. With a new shop, new tools, and good job I anticipate big progress soon.


Again, thank you for your patience! And please Contribute!

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